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Hunting in Buryatia and at the Baikal

Everyone who is bored with homelands needs to explore new places. A good reason for visiting Buryatia is hunting. Inveterate hunters that can not live without “tracking down their prey” come from both all regions of our country and abroad. You will not find anywhere else in the world nature and forests as beautiful and rich with animals as here. This trip will worth it.

Hunting in Buryatia: when, where and how?

Many of Tour Operators offer hunting tours services in Buryatia. There are more than thirty millions hectares of hunting grounds, 19 species of mammals and 29 species of birds in the Republic. Traditional hunt can be combined with the chance of visiting the most beautiful places, fishing or having a rest near the fire and listening for stories of experienced hunters.

If you want to try your best against wild nature hunting in Buryatia will give you that great opportunity. There are many game husbandries that would be glad to take tourists. Hospitable Buryatia offers you spacious accommodation facilities, Russian banya, a chance to taste just caught boar or blackcock and full gamekeeper’s assistance.

The receiving party usually takes all the responsibility for registration of the license, processing and delivery of trophies and drawing up the documents for them.

The most part of hunting grounds is situated near the Baikal. Hunting grounds of Dzhidinskii and Kabanskii Districts where the real taiga takes its origin are highly valued.

Time of the season depends on an animal you are hunting for. So the famous hunting for the red deer during “the roar” starts on September. All the most popular hunting tours are held from august till the end of September.

What can we hunt for?

Hunting at the Baikal is an interesting journey that lasts for several days (usually 5-10 days). During the hunt you can find roe deer, wild boar, capercaillie, grouse or partridge. Most fearless ones could challenge such easts like bear, moose or lynx. Gamekeepers will help you with tracking down whatever animal you like and they will take care of your safety as well.

Great number of animals and birds in this region grants you big chances for successful hunting. This means that even the least experienced hunters won’t be disappointed with no trophy or wasted time.

Usually hunting is held along the cordon and gamekeeper doesn’t take the group too far from it. The price depends on the number of people in a group and other factors. Hunting traditions at the Baikal implies that you should track down your prey on foot.

Could a man tired of a city bustle wish more than fresh air, beauty of the nature, clear waters of rivers and lakes, great hunting and fishing, high level services and an absolute comfort? There is an excess of all the listed things. Get your gun ready, put on comfortable shoes and welcome to Buryatia Republic.