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Fishing in Buryatia at lake Baikal in summer and in winter

Buryatia is a truly unique region, not only one of the most picturesque regions of our country, mineral lakes and healing spring of which help to strengthen health and life force. It is also a place that guarantees a great active recreation: cycling, walking tours to the mountains and, of course, fishing. No doubt, Buryatia can be called as a fishing region. In  the rivers and lakes of this area one can catch with spinning bream, carp, pike, omul, Siberian roach and cisco. Local amateurs and tourists go fishing not only in the rivers and lakes of a certain area but also in the Baikal.

Fishing at the Baikal can gain everybody’s heart even a sophisticated fisherman with rich experience. Nothing can be compared with the fishing at the dawn with a fishrod when everything is waking up.

At lake Baikal there are less than 60 different species of fish, the most popular of which are pike, Siberian roach, grayling but the most valuable fish is Baikal omul. Pike, Siberian roach, grayling inhabit shallow bays Chivyrkuy and Mukhor but catching it there is almost a waste of time. However, there are always exceptions.

The Chivyrkuyskiy bay at the Baikal holds a special place. Lately the fishermen flow is getting increased since fishing in Buryatia becomes more popular activity for tourists and local community. Fish cropping stopped working at this area by the end of 1970s last century. Pikes are well-spread here and the weight of a specient can be up to 10 kg., also perch is popular here – up to 3 kg. Sometimes Baikal sturgeon can be caught into the net but the fishing for it is not allowed by law.

Fish crop lasts for 5 months: from June to October but the best time is June – middle of July and September. You can catch grayling, pike and omul but it is better to go in autumn if you want to bring a full haul from the trip.

It’s not generally known that such a fish as a crucian carp which is considered to be a summertime fish can be also caught in winter from under the ice and it is actively practiced by fishermen of Buryatia. The main place of winter catching of a crucian carp is Gusinoye lake which is 100 km far from Ulan-Ude.

Everybody knows that fish bites actively in the morning, but in winter it is a little different – winter fishing in the morning can give an unpleasant surprise (no fish at all) for a fisherman. Large specients of a crucial carp with weight from 0,5 kg to 0,8 kg mainly bite in the afternoon. By this time lake is getting warm. It inhabits not only deep in vegetation, one can see it in the open area.

Such fishing in Buryatia will leave a great number of pleasant memories and give great pleasure for all the amateurs of fish catching.