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World’s largest Lenin head sculpture in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia

It is the main sight of Ulan-Ude. Every tourist who is interested in unusual monuments and amazing architecture should see this 7,7 meters-high bronze head of Vladimir Lenin. It was erected in November, 1971 and attracts tourists from the entire Universe. In 2011 the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong-il came here specially to see the sculpture.

The monument’s erection history

The government had to organize total reconstruction of the  square in order to provide qualified installation of bronze V. Lenin’s head that was cast in Mytischi rock-cutting plant. This monument is the largest head sculpture in the world. This fact makes the monument situated on the Sovetov Square as more popular among tourists. Taking pictures against the background of the sculpture one can improve the financial situation.

The residents of the city respect so much their most unique sight so that they made a cap with earflaps for it to prevent it from freezing in winter. During the epidemic grippe volunteers couldn’t put the cap on the sculpture because the municipality was absolutely against such a demonstration of respect to Vladimir Lenin. Every year over the time of 50 years the monument is considered to be a meeting place for students and people who are in love.

Other monuments depicting head of Vladimir Lenin

There are similar sculptures in Germany, Czech Republic and Yakutia, however, they are of smaller size. Well-known architects P. Zilberman and A. Dushkin worked on the unique monument of the V. Lenin’s head in Ulan-Ude and its structure was designed by Y.G. Neroda and G.V. Neroda. Polished steps lead to the weighing 42tons bronze head which was installed on a granite base. To go up through these steps is an honour for a true admirer of historical monuments and educational travelling.